AroMed Vaporizer Warranty

AroMed Vaporizer Warranty

Manufacturer: AroMed - Research&Experience
Country of origin: Germany
MAP Price: $439.99 (If you purchased your unit lower than this price, manufacturer may not provide warranty)
Manufacturer's Warranty Period:  3 years.
Warranty Notes: Repair Service available. Items are also replaced if irrepairable. Wear parts excluded.
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Full Warranty Disclosure Of Manufacturer: 

Research&Experience offers a three year warranty on this product. The warranty period begins with the date of purchase.

During the warranty period an authorized repair shop will make good by repair or if necessary replacement, any defects in the appliance free of charge, where such defects occur under proper usage of this product in accordance with the directions given in this instruction booklet and arise solely from faulty design, materials or workmanship provided always that the defective product has been returned to Research&Experience or one of the authorized repair shops.

Damage, or defects that occur due to improper handling or maintenance of this product are not covered under warranty. The foregoing shall constitute the sole liability under this warranty. There is no entitlement to any refund of the purchase price whether in whole or in part and we shall not be liable under this warranty for any damage, direct or indirect caused by the product during usage or otherwise. This warranty does not affect or in any way limit your statutory rights. Wear parts are excluded from the warranty.

Claims under this warranty will only be granted if the product, not disassembled, along with the sales slip or invoice stating the date of purchase and dealer's stamp is sent, well packaged either to us or one of our authorized repair shops.

Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 Repair Service
Research&Experience Customer Service Department or one of our authorized repair shops will repair faults not covered by the warranty or after said warranty has expired.

Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 Liability
Handling of this product is to be as stated in the Operation Instructions. The user accepts full liability for improper handling and usage of this product. Repair of this product is only to be done by us or one of our authorized repair shops.

For repairs done by one of our repair shops, proof of the following must be presented: repair date, type and extent of repair as well as the company's name and signature. Only original Research&Experience parts are to be used.

Failure to comply with any of the points mentioned in these Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 Operation Instructions release Research&Experience GmbH & Co. KG from any and all liability.